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Carports and Pergolas are the perfect additions to a home so you can improve your lifestyle.

Pergolas provide an outdoor space with some protection from the sun which means you can sit outside and enjoy it

You can add different roofing styles to a pergola.

You may decide to put a solid roof over it so you create an outdoor space providing shade and protection from the rain

There are also roof styles where angled wooden slats or movable louvers can be used to keep the pergola more open air.

The angled slats will create shade when the sun is at a certain level

so you have shade but there is limited protection from wet weather.

Movable louvers do give you a lot of flexibility where you can angle

or close them to create shade and also protection from wet weather.

You may decide that you want a combination of roofing options.

We can easily help to design what will suit your outdoor living

dreams That will suit your budget and also tie in beautifully with

your home and garden.

Here are some more services that we offer.

Pergolas can also be used to connect existing areas of a yard

together and they make beautiful walkways connecting all the areas together so it flows Read our Pergola Design Ideas Article For Inspiration

Pergolas can also have screens installed to provide some protection from the weather or to give some privacy if you have neighbours that can see into your garden or courtyard area

A well built pergola will add immense style and value to your home

The Queensland dream is to be able to enjoy our warm weather all year round and with our building skills and design elements , we can create the perfect pergola for your home and garden.

Brisbane Outdoor Pergolas Built With The Best Hardwood Or Treated Timber

Once you have decided what size pergola and roof style, we can have your new structure built within a week. Some pergolas may need council approval and yes - we can help you with this process too.

We can build your new pergola in different building materials including timer, hardwood, steel and aluminum and yes of course we can paint or stain the timber if this is what you need.​

We Build Carports With Double Extension With Roof Designs

Carports are a fantastic alternative to a garage or you may already have a single garage but you need to park another car securely on your property.

A carport will provide protection from the elements, so that your car is not damaged from the intense sun or damaged in a hailstorm

Security can be added as well if the carport can be enclosed and even in the right location, a lockable roller door can be used to keep your vehicles parked securely.

These are all options that we are qualified to do and we can easily add screens or fences to your home so that a new structure can be all completed to what you require

Carports are free standing structures and once the plans are approved by the local council - which we can help you with this process, we can have a new carport built for you within the week

We are licensed builders and we can build your new carport in any material including timber, brick , steel and aluminum and even combine different building materials to create the structure that ties in with your home and needs. If you want a timber carport - Yes we can paint or stain the timber as well.

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