Deck Maintenance And Deck Care

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Looking After Your Deck​

​Looking After Your new deck

When you build a deck in Queensland's, you have to take in account our weather.

Heavy rain, year round sunshine and high humidity - These 3 factors will take its toll.

Regular sweeping and light mopping or hosing will do a lot to prolong the life of the finish you applied to the wood.

This fact sheet by the QBBC explains different wood types and some ways to look after the wood types.

Looking after the finish on the timber boards..

When your deck was originally built it was either stained or oiled.

Typically hardwoods are oiled to enhance the beautiful

colours and grains in the timber.

And there are 2 types of oils you can use - oil based and water based.

Oil based is more 'nourishing' to wood and will have a matte finish

Water based sits on top of the wood and is perfect around

pools and wet areas. The finish is a not as matte as a

traditional oil stain.

Stains or maybe you know this as varnish, are usually applied

to treated pine boards so you can achieve a hardwood look

on a smaller budget. Stains can be oil based or water based.

Treated pine will also last longer as long as it well cared for

Oil and Water Test For Decking

Oiled boards in an ideal world should be re oiled every 6 to 12 months.

To check if the timber needs to re oiled - just splash some water on the wood. If it beads - there is still a good level of oil in the boards. If the water sinks in to the wood. It is time to re oil.

To re oil your decking.

Sweep the boards of all dirt and dust. You may want to use a pressure cleaner. Do not use a setting too high or go over an area too many times as it can create splintering in older wood.

You will then need to clean the deck with the right cleaner , a trip to your local hardware store can advise you of what to use.

And then apply the oil and it should be a quick process when it is all prepped.

​Maintaining a Stained Deck

Regular cleaning of stained decking will prolong the life of the stain.

You will know when your deck needs to re stained as it may

have areas of peeling and generally look faded.

You will have to prepare the surface by cleaning - Your

hardware store can advise you what to use.

You may need some elbow grease and scrub some areas.

A neglected deck will need more intense work when it is time

to re stain.

It is likely to need a stain stripper applied to remove the stain

and to be sanded before fresh stain can be reapplied.

​Other ways to keep your deck looking great

Do not drag outdoor furniture over the boards. If you have to

move furniture, apply felt pads to the bottom of chair and

table legs

If you have pets - keep their nails trimmed

Do not keep pot plants in the same spot. Move them around

to avoid water damage and have a water saucer under the pot.

In high traffic areas such as a door way, consider using an

outdoor mat

Avoid wearing high heels on softer woods. The heels will

leave divots in the wood that will cause you grief when it

comes to sanding the deck in later years.

Sweep or blower vac leaves up to prevent dirt and water

settling long term

Pergolas Brisbane

​Minimise Weather Damage

Timber exposed to the elements will not last as long as timber protected from the sun.

You can do this by having shade over the deck , either by a roof, a shade cloth or under shady trees

Consider having a patio built when you are looking to build an outdoor deck.You will have year round enjoyment of an outdoor space.

In Queensland going outside in the warmer months is not enjoyable unless you have an area out of direct sun.

Check out our patio and pergola page to see what else we can do to give you a fabulous out door entertaining area

If you have an older deck that is starting to split, crack or rot.

Call us and we can come and asses your deck to see if it needs some repairs or if it does need to be replaced.

We will always advise you of your options so you can make the best choice for your situation.

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