Deck Plans And Approvals

Deck Plans Council Regulations

"Do I need a council permit"

This is a question we are asked for every deck builder project

Most Australian homes have an outdoor area where to sit and relax and a well built and thoughtfully planned out deck, brings so many benefits to a home. It is an outdoor feature that adds a monetary value to the property and a lifestyle value for the residents.

Generally speaking, approvals or planning considerations need to be done for all building projects including decks

Permits are called Approvals and they fall into two categories - Planning and Building and your council looks after both of them

Planning Approvals

Are the legal process to getting Permission to make changes to your land or property

It relates to what your local council allows to happen with in its borders and EVERY council in Australia has different legislation as to what it allows.

For most properties in the Brisbane City council - A deck will not require Planning Approval from the council.

Be aware that there are different zoning and regulation guidelines all dependent upon your property's land size and where your property is situated.

Homes in a Character Residential zone may need to get Planning Approval for a deck.

Please see here for the Brisbane City Council's information page

For the Redlands City Council area there are less Planning considerations to be taken on board and you can see the information here

Building Approvals

Involves the actual plan or design of the deck and a description of

materials used.

These are then submitted to either a local certifier or to the local council.

If you do need a local certifier - We recommend the firm A1 Certifier.

See The Brisbane Council Page here for more info

When building a deck - Some will need a Building approval

It will come down to the size of the deck and the height they are off the ground

To avoid needing a building approval from the council - PLEASE NOTE that the rules can change

at anytime and we can help you step through this process.

The general guidelines are:

  • The deck is to be smaller than 10 square meters
  • The height of the deck must be 1 metre or under off the ground
  • The deck should not have a side longer than 5 metres
  • The deck follows the safety guidelines mentioned in the Queensland Development Code

We are always on hand to give our customers the correct and current information as to what is required in their local council area for all permits and approvals and to ensure the work carried

out is always up to the current standards and passes all legislation.

We are licensed Brisbane deck builders so you can be assured you will have a quality deck built

for you.

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