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Well we are technically not a supplier - But we do build Patios and Enclosures!

The term Patio can be a little confusing.

In Europe - A Patio is an outdoor dining area like a courtyard that

adjoins a building. It is usually paved but is not covered - So typically outdoor dining at a cafe

In Australia a patio also adjoins a home or building. The flooring can be paved or a deck. It is also roofed so we have year round protection from the sun and wet weather. Brisbane weather can be extreme so protection from the sun is important

A Pergola is usually free standing and it can be anywhere in a garden including up close to a house. They also connect areas together - like over a pathway to connect it to another area in the garden or they purely provide some shelter/shade around a pool.

Pergolas can either just have an open slatted roof or it may have

a solid roof like a patio that offers protection from the elements - Read more here about Patios and Pergolas

Patios can be be enclosed, semi-enclosed or open air

A patio can also be turned into an outside room and this is where the term Patio Enclosures come into play.

And outdoor room can be completely weather tight and have lockable doors and windows. It becomes almost like a sun room

or conservatory and it will feel lighter and brighter than a typical room Or you may have an area with a partial enclosure or screening. This can provide protection from the elements if your patio is facing into the sun or gets wind gusts. By enclosing or protecting part of it - you can enjoy the space without being totally closed in.

Or you may decide that awnings and blinds can more beneficial for your outdoor space as you roll them away and just pull them down when you need to.

We Can Construct All Outdoor Living Roof Designs And Roofing Styles And Styles

Patio roofs are usually 3 types of styles or designs

  • A flat roof and they should be angled to allow for water to run-off .The roof line is usually just above the homes existing roof or if it is going to be too low you can opt for a Flyover style. The roof is still flat but it sits a lot higher than the existing homes roof line. It can add a real architectural feel
  • A gable style patio roof is a peaked roof. These create a lot of ceiling height and are great option for warmer climates so the area is not stuffy. - You can also add a combination of a flat roof section and a gable roof if you do not want a shed style looking patio
  • A  newer roofing option is a curved roof. Usually, the curved roof is made of aluminum and it does add a really modern touch to a patio or pergola

Patios, Deck Or Pergola With Metal Or Wooden Enclosures. We Can Add Privacy Screens Too

A well designed and built patio can add a lot to your homes value -

So take care in what your design is, what building materials you use and of course use a QBBC licensed builder.

Pergolas Brisbane are licensed and incredibly skilled and

experienced with all Brisbane patio, pergola, carports and deck builds and designs

We also work with trusted electricians, plumbers and landscapers if you wish to take your patio to the next level and have us build and install an outdoor kitchen

Have you considered adding Audio Visual elements like a TV or

outdoor Screen and sound system

Adding heating can also be done and family and friends will love gathering around a fireplace or fire pit in the cooler months and don't forget that ceiling fans are often a great addition - Not only will they keep you cool in the hot weather they help to stop mozzies and midges as they do not like air currents from fans.

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We Can Build The Best North Facing And Enclosed Alfresco Homestyle Kitchen For All Your Family's Enjoyment

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