The Perfect Pergola

modern pergola

Pergolas are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility and suitability for any backyard or garden.

A well-placed pergola design can give you a stylish way to entertain and enjoy your outdoor space without sacrificing your comfort.

There is usually some confusion about what is the difference is between a pergola and a patio.
They are slightly different, but many people refer to them as being the same thing.

Pergolas And Patios

Typically, pergolas are freestanding wooden structures and do not have a solid roof. They use slats, battens, or even trellises to create an outdoor shelter.
In Australia, many pergolas have a fixed roof to provide protection from the sun, but they are still a freestanding structure.
Or if they are connected to a building, they do not have a fixed roof.

Patios in Australia are connected to a building or an exterior wall (just like a porch or veranda) and have a covered roof. They can also be enclosed and be a type of outdoor space.
In Europe, patios are more like a courtyard, and they are not a covered space. If you’re looking for backyard patio ideas, it’s best to check out Australian sites for patio or pergola ideas.
Pergola location in your backyard

A well-built pergola will look good in most places, and they have many different uses.

They can provide shade and shelter.
They can connect different areas of a garden as connecting paths
They look beautiful when used as a focal point in the garden
They can bring an element of landscaping ideas with modern design ideas and architectural style in a mod minimalist garden

Pergolas For A Swimming Pool

Poolside pergolas are a way to expand our love of backyard pools with an area we can protect from the sun when it’s hottest.
You can either build a pergola next to a pool where you can relax or sit and watch your kids while they swim in the pool,
Or you can build a pergola enclosure over an area of the pool. Your freestanding covered outdoor area is the perfect way to get extra shade that you can use all day when the sun is shining.
A shaded area over a pool means kids can swim all day, and the risk of sunburn is minimized when they are in the shaded areas.

pool pergola

Garden Furniture For Relaxing

Your outdoor furniture will need some protection from the elements.
Buy outdoor furniture suitable for summer relaxation and the warm Queensland climate.
Your outdoor decor either needs to be lightweight for the deck pergola area and easy to set up and pack away.
That way you can stack and store them when you’re not using them or when a storm is on the way.
You don’t want a chair flying over your neighbor’s fence when a strong gust of wind catches it.

The other option is to have outdoor furniture that is sturdy to withstand weather conditions.
In Brisbane our summer storms and intense sun must be a factor.
Popular pergola furniture includes chairs, deck chairs, tables or even something simple like a hammock, swing or even a large floor cushion two.

climbing plants for a pergola

Plants For A Pergola

Pergolas are the perfect structure to have plants or vines climb up the supports and over the crossbars. Pergolas and flowering vines are a match made in heaven!
Flowering vines like jasmine provide plenty of shade year-round and bring a lovely fragrance in the spring.
Or you may decide that a pergola is a perfect place to grow some shade-loving plants. Create a lush garden of tropical plants with options like pots and planters. You can also add a permanent garden bed around your garden structure.
With a well-designed pergola and carefully selected plants, you can create a real garden feature that will really catch the eye.

Pergola Floors and Decks

The modern pergola is your outdoor living space. By adding a wooden deck makes it the perfect entertaining area. The final touch can be to add a roof. This will make your outdoor area suitable for all weather conditions

If you choose a steel pergola, you can still have a deck or consider other flooring options. You can choose from flagstone or tile, brick laid in sand, crushed stone, or pebbles.
If you want to keep a green area in the yard, AstroTurf is worth considering to add a grass-like surface under the structure.

pergolas brisbane

Painted Wood or Stained Wood

You can leave a wooden pergola with a natural finish that matches the outdoor conditions.
To keep the wood looking nice, you can stain it and it will look good for a few years before it needs to be sanded down and re-stained.
Or you can paint it with outdoor paint and make sure you apply 3 coats of paint, it will last longer than a stained finish.
There is a wide range of paint colors for exterior painting.
You can choose a natural, classic, stylish or even bright color.

The classic white pergola in a cottage garden will never go out of style.
If you want a more modern look, add structural elements with charcoal gray paint and this simple pergola will blend more into the surroundings and give an architectural design.

fairy lights on a pergola

Lighting and Fans

If you plan to use your pergola during the dark evenings, then you will need some form of lighting.
It can be as simple as using solar-powered fairy lights wrapped around the posts and along the crossbeams
They create a soft and romantic look and won’t disturb neighbors with bright lighting at night.
Fairy lights can come in a variety of styles and sizes, from small, twinkling lights to modem light globes to cute shapes like stars and lanterns.

If you need better lighting options, you’ll need an electrician to install the lights. Consider adding a ceiling fan to be installed to stay cool in the summer. Ceiling fans have the added bonus of creating airflow that keeps flies and mosquitoes from invading your outdoor retreat.
Opt for a plastic outdoor fan that mounts to a cross beam or the roof battens. It won’t corrode if you choose the right style, and it will be a great addition for summer weather.

Beautiful Pergola Plans

You can decide to take it to the next level and install an outdoor kitchen and dining area.
With an ultimate wooden deck and even a built-in bench or two for a year-round area for entertaining.

There really is in so end to the design ideas you can have when building your new outdoor space.

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