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Deck Privacy Screen For Outdoor Areas

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Adding A Deck Privacy Screen

You have built a new patio and deck, you have now got great protection from the sun and rain but what about your neighbours??With the Aussie backyard reducing in size, having a backyard that creates your own private oasis is important.Many new estates have 2 story homes that overlook backyards.You can never fully enjoy your yard if you feel that your neighbours will be seeing you “let down your hair”Creating privacy screens can be as simple as adding a lattice extension panel on the top of an existing fence or you might decide to create a green screen and plant screening plants like clumping bamboo or a quick growing lilly pilly. But the honest truth is that these do take a couple of years to establish before they can be a screen.And the lattice extension on an existing fence line was something that was done in the ’90’s when lattice was a thing.Today’s privacy screens can be used not only to keep some privacy for you and your family, they can also work as a landscaping feature plus the benefit of being able to screen eyesores such as rubbish bins, pool pumps and filters or air conditioning units.

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What Sort Of Privacy Screen?

Slatted Screens Or Shutters

Create a feeling of privacy and minimise the view from neighbouring homes with a more modern take on a traditional pergola. A slatted privacy screen allows in filtered light and more importantly it still allows for airflow.

The slats can be horizontal, vertical or even a modern take on a lattice with having them run diagonally. The screen can be created out of stained hardwoord, painted treated pine or even look at the aluminum fence slat screens and the aluminum louvered screens.

Aluminum screens and shutters can be powder coated to match in with existing exterior colours such as gutters, downpipes or garage doors. They are also weather proof and allow you to open and close the screens to give you control of the sun, wind and view depending on the day or your mood.

These can add a real architectural feel to a pergola and they can also be used on an existing balcony or porch and connect your outdoor areas together.

The slats also work incredibly well to be placed in front of eyesores such as rubbish bins, pool pumps and air conditioning units.

Laser-cut Metal Panel Screens

Becoming more common in garden design, these artistic screens make an impressive impact but are super practical. They look great as part of a garden design and work perfectly to enclose a patio or pergola side area. They can also be free standing in the garden to create smaller screen walls and can be an artistic touch around a spa . They also look great against a wall as a wall art piece.

Freestanding Partitions

We do it in an office to create work spaces and we can do the same within a garden or yard. The partitions can be solid panels but they are staggered in placement and staggered in varying heights so they do block views into the yard but you do not feel fenced in. They also help to block the eyesores like rubbish bins, pool equipment and aircon units. Play with the heights of freestanding walls – notice how the ones here are sized to block a parked car from view

It is easy to add a privacy screen when building a patio, pergola or new deck area and the Pergolas Brisbane team we have the experience to know what will work best for your needs

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Privacy Screens For Your Deck, Pergola and Patio Will Add So Many Benefits

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