Time To Do a New Patio Design?

Brisbane Patio Options

In Brisbane, patios are a much needed outdoor space for all the family to enjoy.

The summer holidays are over and kids are back at school and you are back at work.

Did you get a chance to use your patio over summer?

  1. Was there enough shade?
  2. Was it a pleasant area to sit out and relax in?
  3. Was it really hot and stuffy and being inside was a cooler option?

Or maybe - your current patio or pergola is just down right ugly and dated!

The question we are asking.... Does your patio need makeover

The next question - Do you want a better patio area for the next round of warm weather?

If you do...Then now is the time to start the patio design so that you can have the ideal outdoor area to use.

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Patio Roofing Options

The things to consider are the style of patio roofing.

What height did you want it, what materials to use and are you going to insulate your patio


Patio roof designs can be done to suit your home and your lifestyle.

No longer are patios tacked onto the side of the home with a low roof that creates a dark and dingy area in winter and a hot and stuffy area in summer.

Lets raise the roof height so you can get that all important airflow and this is something we love

to help or clients choose the patio roof style.

A flyover roof can look really impressive or if you want to create a high vaulted ceiling, then the classic pitched roof is still a popular option.

Don't forget - you can also combine patio roofing styles so you may have a pitched area and a

flat roof area.

Then you can look at different roofing materials and finishes - so not only does your patio add value to your home- but is also becomes that favorite area to hang out.

The roof can also be insulated so it keeps the heat out and also has a really finished look. The insulation creates a ceiling effect and this is when a patio can become like an out door room

and even look like an extension.

Insulated roofs are great to add lighting features and even add some ceiling fans so you keep

the air moving and still enjoy being outside even on the hottest of days.

Or maybe you don't want a permanent roof over your outdoor area.

Maybe a pergola option is better suited to you as it gives some protection from the weather or maybe the new style roofing louvers or retractable awnings are more what you need?

These are a perfect option for a smaller yard that you do not want a patio area to take over all

the available space

We Are Deck Builders Too!

After you have planned out the roof - the next question is what are you going to do for the flooring?

At Pergolas Brisbane, we are your professional Brisbane deck builders too.

We can fix up an existing deck ( if it is in still safe condition) or we can install a new deck and transform the entire area.

Decks work really well when connecting outdoor areas to the home or connecting areas in the

yard such as a patio area to the pool area.

Decks also add great vale to a home and they are easy to maintain if you keep them clean -

Read here for our Deck maintenance tips

At Pergolas Brisbane - we have been building outdoor areas for over 25 years and we are well versed in helping you to create the perfect patio or pergola that is best suited for your needs

and what is going to work with your property.

We specialise in outdoor patio building.

Contact us today to book in your free quote and see how we can transform your unused patio

area into the outdoor living area you have dreamed about!

Our services include patio coverings, room enclosures, carports and roofing.

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